Efficient Crypto Tax Reports for South Africans

Playing open cards with SARS shouldn’t cost you an ETH and a leg.

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The detailed nuances of crypto trading is not for everyone.

When preparing your crypto tax reports, you need a team that understands the ins-and-outs of crypto, from the get-go.

What we offer you

Native crypto context

We have crypto degens on our team that understand crypto trading and ensure your crypto data is interpreted correctly.

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Crypto data expertise

Our dedicated team of data analysts and software developers build models to run your crypto data through its paces.

Bridging the gap to SARS

Combined with our intimate knowledge of South African tax regulation, we are able to prepare and deliver optimised, SARS-ready crypto tax reports.

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View our plans and pricing for crypto tax reporting here.

Don’t wait for SARS to come knocking.

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Schedule a 20-minute call

Set up an introductory call to discuss your crypto requirements. Book a call here.

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Data collection

Our dedicated data team will assist you to get your data ready.

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Analyse, optimise and finalise

Don’t worry, from here on your crypto tax reports are in good hands!

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Included as part of your tax return

We add your crypto tax report to your individual tax return and submit it to SARS.

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