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Registered Accountants and Tax Professionals. We are a business app, accounting, tax and business consulting firm based in Stellenbosch.

Accounting System Specialists. We are a business app, accounting, tax and business consulting firm based in Stellenbosch.

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We focus on gaining a holistic understanding of how your business operates in your specific domain. By combining our expertise in business processes and software engineering, we provide you with a customised system to transform your daily operations.

With insights gained while solving the problems you present to us, we aim to improve the automation of your business processes and help the facilitation of you procedures and workflows. We take the data your business generates, and transform it in a way that is unique to your values, needs and goals.

Cloud Based Systems

Our systems are built completely serverless from the ground up, making them accessible anywhere, on any device. No need to manage your own servers and datastores.

Process Automation

We identify the tedium in your workflows, and with the aid of our smart systems you can completely automate any unnecessary steps. Saving you time, saving you money.

Workflow Analysis

Small time wasters can cumulatively cost your businesses a great deal of money. We work to comb out any bottlenecks and cut out any redundant tasks.

Mobile App Development

Whether you need full system functionality on the go, or a client facing mobile application, our mobile app solution may be just what you need.

Internal Controls

Through our workflow and procedure analysis we help identify and implement controls to limit the risks of unnecessary oversight.

Data Processing

We focus on transforming your business data into visualisation that can be easily understood to help you pave the way forward.

Latest Testimonials

  • Dr Aubrey J Kumm MSc Med (Neurosci) BVSc MRCVS

    "I have had the pleasure of working with Chris and his team over the past 12 months. A more honest, ethical, client centric and service focused group of people I have yet to meet. My company has used the expertise of CH Consulting for app and web page development as well as for our accounting requirements. I have had the opportunity to deal with similar companies both in South Africa and abroad. Chris and his team are world class. They come very highly recommended."

    Dr Aubrey J Kumm MSc Med (Neurosci) BVSc MRCVS CEO guavaVet
  • Rozelle Blackie

    "CH Consulting goes out of their way to make each client feel valued. The client saves time with advanced technology that makes running your day-to-day business very easy, whilst you receive professional, personal service at any given time, therefore not being just a number, but a priority. Ethics is non-negotiable and compliance a must. Trust the advice being given to you, save time and invest in your business future with CH Consulting."

    Rozelle Blackie
  • Ovc Stellenbosch

    "Outstanding and on-the-ball service, anytime of day or night. THANK YOU!"

    Ovc Stellenbosch
  • Marco Tonoli

    "Thanks again for all your excellent support and guidance in understanding what I am actually doing with my taxes. I shall be recommending you to all my other "New to SARS" colleagues that leave the bush. It has been a pleasure to work with you."

    Marco Tonoli 4Elements Safaris
  • Jacques Becker

    "The service was very good and my problems were sorted efficiently and timeously."

    Jacques Becker JB Raadgewende Konsultante BK
  • Nazli Allie

    "It's been a pleasure working with Chris, as someone who is very new to working with Accounting systems CH Consulting has been extremely professional and has been an easy learning experience on my part. Thank you so much for all of the help, guidance, patience and professionalism."

    Nazli Allie Thundafund

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  • 021 888 9175
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