Emotional bursts of doing nothing

on Wednesday, 02 April 2014.

Emotional bursts of doing nothing

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This past year I have noticed that in the small business world there is various small business owners that have some or other trigger to make them realise they need systems and that paying taxes is indeed not a myth. This trigger is usually something like the need of a tax clearance certificate for a government tender or something in line with this. In some cases the business owner wakes up one morning with a realisation that they will need to start keeping records and complying to statutory obligations.

Whatever the trigger may be, it can go three ways.

1. Ignorance is bliss

They ignore the trigger and are very contend with their decision.

2. Taking definitive action in doing nothing

The most dangerous is these owners that take action and never continue with it. What I mean by this is that they for example (I have experienced this a few times) contact an accountant and set up a meeting to now get their affairs in order. This sounds great, but this meeting usually gets cancelled and then postponed to a later date. Then the next meeting gets postponed or they tell the accountant they will let them now about a future date. This then continues in an infinite loop of nothingness. The danger here is that the business owners tells themselves that they have taken action, but action in doing nothing is like any number times zero, it still equals zero. The characters in number one at least know they have done nothing, yes they are contend with that but at least they know that denial is not a river in Egypt.

The reason for this procrastination is most likely operational slavery. Which you can read about:

3. Most likely the owners of future successful businesses

They take action and follow through on their decision. 

Author: Chris Herbst

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