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South African crypto tax myths debunked

For South Africans with money to invest, the crypto industry’s pace of development can be confusing. Whether hype or reality – and, often, it’s a bit of both – the stories we read online and the conversations we hold over the braai can leave us...

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Retirement Annuity Tax Benefit

Let's see how you can make a retirement annuity tax benefit work for you. Are contributions to pension, retirement annuity, and provident funds tax deductible? In short, yes. All contributions are deductible and result in a retirement annuity tax...

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Budget Speech 2022 – Summary

Finance minister Minister Enoch Godongwana gave his first 2022 budget speech from Parliament on Wednesday the 23 February 2022. This speech comes after the South African economy has been subject to protests, governmental debt and covid...

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Crypto Regulation in South Africa

Background Since Bitcoin's official launch in January 2009, the growth of this technology has been exponential, growing much faster than the internet in the early 1980s. With such growth, responsibility needs to be taken from all parties involved...

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