Progressive Tax Advisors


Spend your wealth and time the way you want. Wealth and time are limited. Let us help you with tax optimisation and reporting to minimise your tax and maximise your time.

To truly optimise tax in a world that is constantly changing, you cannot only have tax professionals in a firm, that is why we have staff qualified in the following fields: tax, law, computer science, engineering, mathematical statistics and economics.

We are Progressive Tax Advisors specialising in:
You should not be paying unnecessary tax therefore we look at optimisation and structuring opportunities for individuals and businesses.
We make sure that South African Expat’s tax is taken care of in an optimal manner and with the least stress and effort from their side.
We are one of the leaders in Crypto Asset Tax in South Africa. We have deep technical understanding of crypto assets and DeFi concepts.
You should not be spending your valuable time on endless battles with SARS, we therefore act as intermediary between you and SARS and make sure you are compliant.
Meet our team and learn more about our qualifications and diverse skillset. After you met our team, feel free to see what our clients have to say about us.
Our head office is based in Stellenbosch, we serve clients globally. We have established clients in:
Let’s have a discussion on how we can reduce your tax and take care of all your compliance issues.
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